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I have been doing radio voiceovers ever since the late 80’s, when I got my first break as a DJ on pirate radio.

Everything else about radio might have changed in the meantime, but in the 40 years since, the need for a unique and authentic voice has only magnified.

Whether it’s commercials, promos or imaging – when you work with me, you get more than just a charismatic voiceover. You get over four decades of unbroken expertise in Radio and TV production, allowing me to deliver every line as someone who intimately understands the medium of radio and the listeners who can’t get enough of it.

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Mark Collins - 40 Years In Radio Production & Voiceover

If I ever want to put it into perspective how long I’ve worked in radio, I just have to remember that when I started out everything was still recorded to “reel to reel”!

Even I have to admit to myself that I might have been in the radio game for a little while.

I live and breathe radio production.

I currently broadcast a weekly radio show every Saturday afternoon on Seahaven FM, the local radio station along the sunshine coast in East Sussex.

In 2004, I set up an independent bespoke Radio Commercial Production Studio called The Ad Factory. I worked on both sides of the glass, both voicing and producing National & International radio advertisements, as well as “In-House Radio” for shopping centres and department stores.

In 2011, The Ad Factory evolved into a full audio production studio called Pro Studio Ltd. We stepped up our offerings, producing radio plays, documentaries, audio books, instructional videos, along with video game & animation dialogue.

Pushing ahead another decade, I broke into the US with the addition of Studio Eleven LLC.

I’d say that someone with my history and experience in radio production is about as common as a chicken with teeth. And when you throw in my voiceover skills as well, I don’t even think there’s a methaphor that would be suitable for how rare that is.

If you’re looking to hire a radio commercial voiceover who brings more than just a voice to your project, then I’d love to hear from you and offer my decades of knowledge to your next campaign.

Hire A Mid-Atlantic English Radio Commercial Voiceover

Whether you’re looking for a voiceover for radio commercials, TV ads, internet broadcasts or anything in between – you want to make sure that you’re reaching the widest audience that you can.
With Radio and TV broadcasts available to a global audience, it not only means that your reach is wider than ever, but your competition’s is too.

One of the benefits of hiring a voiceover with a Mid-Atlantic Accent is the international acceptance that it affords you.

Unlike a traditional English accent or American accent, the Mid-Atlantic accent is hard to place for listeners on either side of the pond. Because of that, the Mid-Atlantic accent is often favoured by listeners across the UK, Ireland, Canada and the United States due to its universal sound, taking parts from each territory.

By hiring a Mid-Atlantic accent for radio and television commercials, promos and imaging – you give your broadcast the ability to reach a larger audience without having to focus on localisation to appeal to each unique territory.

As a British voiceover with a Mid-Atlantic accent, I work seamlessly with both UK and North American producers. Hiring a Mid-Atlantic accent voiceover for your next radio project is a simple way to reduce your costs, all while drastically increasing the audience that your radio, TV or internet broadcast can appeal to.

If you want to hire an International English Voiceover for your next radio commercial, then feel free to get in touch with me today. You can even send me extracts of your script, so you can hear just how effectively a Mid-Atlantic accent can work as your next commercial radio and TV voice.

Looking For Something Else?

Even More Voiceover Genres Are Available!

I’ve worked with clients in just about every voiceover genre there is, so if you need some more examples of my work, then please take a look through all my voiceover pages to see just how much I can bring to your project.

"Mark Collins is the real deal. He brings a Nick Tate / Liam Neeson like feeling to his reads, a mid-Atlantic international quality that is truly global & authentic"

David Alden Voice Over Coach & Actor @ My VO Coach, LA

“Mark’s video was AMAZING!!! My favourite thing about Mark’s audio was that it made me laugh & left me wanting more...Surely that’s what it's all about!”

James Everton Virgin Radio, Dubai, UAE

“Mark is talented & experienced, knows how to construct engaging audio through perfect story telling. You’ll never get tired of listening to him.”

Chris Buckley Buckley Media, UK

“What a voice! That’s a gift that only a few get given. Puts a lot of thought into content & direction.”

Al Booth BBC 2, UK

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