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Andrew Atkin / Marc Guss

New York

Jason Sasportas

Los Angeles

Vanessa Gilbert

"Mark Collins is the real deal. He brings a Nick Tate / Liam Neeson like feeling to his reads, a mid-Atlantic international quality that is truly global & authentic"

David Alden Voice Over Coach & Actor @ My VO Coach, LA

“Mark’s video was AMAZING!!! My favourite thing about Mark’s audio was that it made me laugh & left me wanting more...Surely that’s what it's all about!”

James Everton Virgin Radio, Dubai, UAE

“Mark is talented & experienced, knows how to construct engaging audio through perfect story telling. You’ll never get tired of listening to him.”

Chris Buckley Buckley Media, UK

“What a voice! That’s a gift that only a few get given. Puts a lot of thought into content & direction.”

Al Booth BBC 2, UK

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