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The worst thing about a promotion is coming off as desperate and hard sell to your audience.

My 40 years as a radio producer and voiceover has taught me that a story needs to be told, not sold!

When you hire me as your trailer and promo voiceover, I can speak with an authority and authenticity that will make your audience genuinely interested in what you have to say and not immediately hit the skip button.

And to prove that, I won’t sell myself anymore than that. I simply invite you to listen to my demos!

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Hire An International English Promo Voiceover For Your Next Campaign

It’s become more important than ever for TV shows and films to reach a global audience if they want to be seen as a financial success.

With the rise of streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and Disney Plus – the days of localised television are pretty much over.

Even films which once could see success with a good domestic box office are now considered flops if they can’t quickly break into the international market and reach an audience within their first few weeks.

International promo is more important than ever before. Movies and films live or die based on their international reception.

An international English Voiceover for your promo and trailer is one of the most effective ways that you can ensure your campaign resonates with a global audience.

Hiring an International English Promo Voiceover allows you to speak across multiple territories and have a consistent voice across your entire campaign.

Trans Mid-Atlantic accents in your promo voiceover are considered the most preferred accents across Canada, USA, UK and most other English speaking territories.

Using a Mid-Atlantic Promo Voiceover can help you connect with the widest audience possible and prevents you having to work with multiple voiceover artists, when a single International English Speaking Voiceover can handle every aspect of your promo and trailer voiceover.

If you are looking for an international promo voiceover for your English speaking audience, then I’d love to hear all about your campaign and work with you to get your audience excited for what’s coming up next!

What Is The Difference Between Promo Voiceover and Commercial Voiceover?

Many people confuse promo voiceover with commercial voiceover and it’s understandable to see why.

A commercial voiceover is usually trying to convince the audience to purchase something. It is designed to be a hard sell approach and is fairly intense when it comes gaining the attention of the viewer.

A promo voiceover on the other hand is often announcing or informing the listener of the existence of something, usually an event, TV show or film.

Because of this, a good promo voiceover needs to have a more conversational and authentic approach, as if they are spreading the word and not trying to convince the listener that they need to go out and buy that service right away.

A Teaser is a form of promo voiceover which takes place before a show or in-between commercials to build excitement for an upcoming season. 

A Re-joiner is another type of promo voiceover. These fill in important information to any returning audience members, so they can catch up on a show or event. 

A Recycler is a combination of Re-joiner and Teaser promo. It works as an ongoing reminder to an audience to check out a show or event, creating increasing curiosity and excitement within the audience.

The difference between promo and commercial voiceover comes down to the intent and the delivery.

When you hire a promo voiceover, you want them to fully understand the difference between promo and commercial VO, so that your promo connects and builds anticipation within your audience and doesn’t immediately make them realise that you’re hard selling to them.

Let me promote my other voiceover genres!

I do everything, from commercials to games!

If you’re looking for a voiceover who can bring a unique personality and sound to your project, then I invite you to listen to everything else I do and discover the Mark Collins shaped missing piece that you’ve been looking for.

"Mark Collins is the real deal. He brings a Nick Tate / Liam Neeson like feeling to his reads, a mid-Atlantic international quality that is truly global & authentic"

David Alden Voice Over Coach & Actor @ My VO Coach, LA

“Mark’s video was AMAZING!!! My favourite thing about Mark’s audio was that it made me laugh & left me wanting more...Surely that’s what it's all about!”

James Everton Virgin Radio, Dubai, UAE

“Mark is talented & experienced, knows how to construct engaging audio through perfect story telling. You’ll never get tired of listening to him.”

Chris Buckley Buckley Media, UK

“What a voice! That’s a gift that only a few get given. Puts a lot of thought into content & direction.”

Al Booth BBC 2, UK

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If you’re interested in working with a promo voiceover with 40 years’ worth of experience telling your stories to an international audience, then I’d love to hear more about your next campaign and how I can help.

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