Behind The Mic

My 24/7 Studio Tour

When you have clients all over the world, voiceover becomes a 24 hour business.

I’ve built my recording studio to be able to deliver broadcast ready, commercial grade audio at a moment’s notice, whether my client is in Los Angeles, London or Bahrain.

I’ve recorded work at 4am to be delivered at opening of business, and I’ve had live directed sessions an ocean away.

You can see more about the tech behind my studio below, but the beating heart that drives it all is that I do whatever it takes to get a professional and produced recording on time… Every Single Time!

SOVAs Awards E-Acceptance Speech

Recording A Killer Voiceover Demo

My Vocal Studio - Behind The Mic 1

My Vocal Studio - Behind The Mic 2

My Vocal Studio - Behind The Mic 3

My Vocal Studio - Behind The Mic 4

Welcome To My Second Home...

The Tech That Drives My Pro Recording Studio

I spend more time in my studio than in my own home, so I figured I should design it with the same level of care.

When you work with me, you don’t just get a standard home studio. I provide a round-the-clock creative recording space where the mic is always as ready as I am.

Here’s a quick overview of my studio setup:

Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic – AT4033 Microphone – Symetrix 528E Preamp – DBX 286s Mic Preamp Processor – Apollo Solo Interface – Custom Manley Voxbox & Avalon VT-737 Plugins – Adobe Audition Editing Suite – Behringer Mixer.

Fully Acoustically Treated

With perfect acoustic treatment, I can ensure that the mic only picks up the sounds that you paid for.

Broadcast Ready Audio

I can deliver broadcast ready audio, as proven by my live event work & weekly radio show on Seahaven FM.

Commercial Studio Grade Equipment

I can provide recordings on the same level as any commercial studio, complete with full production services.

Live or Self Directed Sessions

I use Source Connect, Now and Zoom, so my clients always have the option to live direct me for the perfect read.

"Mark Collins is the real deal. He brings a Nick Tate / Liam Neeson like feeling to his reads, a mid-Atlantic international quality that is truly global & authentic"

David Alden Voice Over Coach & Actor @ My VO Coach, LA

“Mark’s video was AMAZING!!! My favourite thing about Mark’s audio was that it made me laugh & left me wanting more...Surely that’s what it's all about!”

James Everton Virgin Radio, Dubai, UAE

“Mark is talented & experienced, knows how to construct engaging audio through perfect story telling. You’ll never get tired of listening to him.”

Chris Buckley Buckley Media, UK

“What a voice! That’s a gift that only a few get given. Puts a lot of thought into content & direction.”

Al Booth BBC 2, UK

Hire The Complete Package.

Hire Mark Collins.

If you want to work with a voiceover where you don’t have to worry about any aspect of the audio production, then that’s the service that I can deliver.

Get in touch to let me know more about your project, even if it’s a completely last minute request.

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