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For over 40 years, I’ve worked with major corporates and educational organisations to unearth the stories that can become the bridge between them and their audience.

If you’ll forgive me for the name dropping, my list of corporate clients includes icons such as: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Dreamworks, Audi and The History Channel. Each of these corporates is a trusted source to millions of people around the world. And each of them trusted me to be their voice to their customers and clients alike.

I believe a story needs to be told, never sold. That’s why I’m ready to help your corporate find the narrative thread that can help you make a believable and genuine connection with the customers that keep you going!

Hire An International English Male Voiceover for Your Corporate Work

Corporate narration has become one of the largest sources of voiceover work in the world and it’s no surprise why.

The opportunities that the global marketplace has created have made corporates free to expand out and speak to a larger customer base than ever before. But this has come with its own problems, as even across the English-speaking world, how can corporates be sure that they’re connecting on an authentic level with their customers.

A proven International English Corporate Voiceover is integral for a corporate to be confident that they’re speaking with a professional and authentic voice to every part of their organisation.

So what is an International English Corporate Voiceover?

It’s a voiceover who has an accent which is proven to have a positive response across multiple territories and audiences around the world. In these surveys, a Mid-Atlantic accent in corporate voiceover comes out as the most popular accent.

When you use a Mid-Atlantic corporate voiceover, it is difficult for most listeners to place and therefore it feels more localised, even though you’ve only used a single corporate voice across multiple territories.

An International English Corporate Voiceover with a Mid-Atlantic Accent is the perfect voice for your corporate narration, medical narration, corporate commercials, internal corporate announcements and more.

My Mid-Atlantic corporate voice work will be perfect for your B2B and B2C communications and help you speak with authenticity and connect with audiences all over the English-speaking world, without having to worry about hiring multiple voices to speak on your behalf.

Why Should You Hire An External Voiceover For Your Corporate Narration?

Corporate clients and customers are becoming more demanding with the media and communications that they expect. And outside of the increased demand for marketing and internal materials, the expectation of high quality materials has also risen exponentially.

Gone are the days when a simple PDF will do. People want engaging media in an audio or video format that they can enjoy on the go.

But corporates struggle with creating high quality media, both to use internally and externally, because it puts a huge added pressure on their marketing and PR teams to produce such high quality content internally on a realistic budget.

Hiring a corporate narration voice to handle all your corporate narration and media is one of the best ways to resolve that issue.

Someone like myself has worked with corporates and external clients across radio and TV for over 40 years, helping them share their message in a way that matches their brand and voice.

By outsourcing your internal and external media to a corporate voiceover, they can create high quality business podcast announcements, internal messages, jingles, corporate imaging, corporate announcements and more – all while working closely with your own marketing departments so everything remains consistent and on-brand.

If you’re looking for an international corporate voiceover who you can outsource all of your corporate narration and messaging to, then I’d love to become part of your team and help you share your ethos and message to the world.

Need To See My Less Corporate Side?

I've Got More Sides Than A rhombicosidodecahedron

Voiceover is my reason for being, so if you have need for a voice actor, then I’m ready to go the work.

Take a look through my selection of genres and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions about working with me.

"Mark Collins is the real deal. He brings a Nick Tate / Liam Neeson like feeling to his reads, a mid-Atlantic international quality that is truly global & authentic"

David Alden Voice Over Coach & Actor @ My VO Coach, LA

“Mark’s video was AMAZING!!! My favourite thing about Mark’s audio was that it made me laugh & left me wanting more...Surely that’s what it's all about!”

James Everton Virgin Radio, Dubai, UAE

“Mark is talented & experienced, knows how to construct engaging audio through perfect story telling. You’ll never get tired of listening to him.”

Chris Buckley Buckley Media, UK

“What a voice! That’s a gift that only a few get given. Puts a lot of thought into content & direction.”

Al Booth BBC 2, UK

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